Dementia care with candor and compassion

We envision a world where every family coping with Alzheimer's and dementia is guided through their difficult journey with candor and compassion – so their loved one can live the remainder of their life with dignity.

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Elderly grandmother holding hands with her granddaughter
Empowering dementia care, 24/7
Beyond support, a revolution in dementia care
Physician partnership
Seamless alignment which extends physician’s reach to fully engage and support their dementia patients and families
Comprehensive care management
Our care team provides 24/7 medical, behavioral, and social support to patients and caregivers
Technology and people
A virtual care solution combining telehealth, dynamic educational content, predictive care, and real people for every stage of dementia
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Empowering providers with advanced dementia solutions
Bigger patient impact with less work. Build upon your patient care with specific dementia solutions. Our platform bridges gaps, providing an intuitive and comprehensive approach, aligning with your care goals and elevating patient experiences.
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Stay ahead with new treatments in dementia care
From Lecanemab infusions to future FDA-approved medications, we enable your center to lead, offering patients the latest and most effective in care solutions, while streamlining your workflows.
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Need a dementia care platform?
Harness the power of the only comprehensive dementia care platform and set yourself apart. Join Harmonic in redefining excellence in dementia care.
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