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Our philosophy

We understand the challenges caregivers face. Our philosophy is to empower caregivers with the tools and support they need, all accessible virtually, ensuring they can provide the best care from any location.

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Services for caregivers

Taking a Break
Using our service, caregivers can easily arrange for someone else to take care of their loved one for a while. This gives caregivers a much-needed break, but makes sure the person they care for still gets the help they need.
Help and Directions
We give caregivers expert advice and tools to help them handle healthcare tasks well. This also helps them make informed choices.
Help Anytime
Our online helpline is available 24/7. It gives caregivers instant help and support. This makes sure they can always get the help they need, no matter what time it is.
Reduced burden
Our services aim to alleviate the stress and workload on caregivers, making the caregiving experience more manageable.
Enhanced knowledge
Caregivers gain valuable insights and skills through our extensive educational resources and support services.
Access to support
We connect caregivers with a supportive community, providing a network for advice, encouragement, and shared experiences.

Benefits for caregivers

Frequently asked questions

Harmonic Health provides comprehensive dementia and brain health services in collaboration with your primary care or neurology team. Our 24/7 services include screening, diagnosis, medication management, care coordination, behavioral health, caregiver education & support, community resource referrals, and respite care. You can access these services in the comfort of your home either by phone or computer.

Yes, our qualified and licensed medical team can provide formal evaluation and diagnosis for a variety of memory and brain conditions. Our diagnosis helps patients receive the care they need based on accurate health assessments.

Harmonic Health specializes in the treatment of several conditions related to brain health including mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, and related dementias.

No referral is necessary to access Harmonic Health services. We partner with primary care providers, geriatricians, and neurologists who may refer you to us or you can reach out directly via to schedule an evaluation.

If your questions are not addressed here, please contact us at Our team is ready to provide the assistance and information you need.

Transition to superior care
For patients and their loved ones, we provide a new chapter in dementia care. Experience our personalized, home-based approach, designed to ease their burden and enhance quality of life. Together, we will reshape their care journey.
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